Top 10 Places To Hide Your Nanny Cam In Your Home

Many people who have read my article giving nanny cam reviews have wondered what are the best places to hide your nanny cam. Well as much as I personally recommend that people keep their nanny cameras out in the open, there are times when it might be prudent to hide a nanny cam.

So I have composed a top 10 list of places to hide your nanny cam. Hopefully this will give you some ideas on where to place your hidden camera.

10 Great Places To Hide A Nanny Cam

Before you decide to hide your nanny cam, make sure you know the nanny cam laws in your state. Many states do not allow you to record audio recordings without the prior consent of your nanny.

A picture of a bookshelfBookshelves

Do you have a book case or even a video case in your home? This is a perfect place to hide a nanny cam. In fact there are spy cams that look like books and binders. You just place it in your bookshelf and there you go. A hidden nanny cam.

Home Entertainment Centers

Does your home entertainment center have a few shelves filled with videos? Once again this is a great place to hide a nanny cam. Of course if your nanny goes through your videos to find something to watch, you might get busted.

A Box Of Tissues

Cut a small hole in a box of tissues and place a small nanny camera in it. Put the tissues over the cam and pull one out to make it look natural. Place it on an end table or bookshelf. Who would suspect that a box of tissues would be spying on them.
Have you thought of hiding your nanny camera in a box of tissues?

A Stuffed Animal

Is Teddy looking at your funny? It might be because somebody placed a nanny cam in Teddy’s eye. You can even buy stuffed animals with nanny cams already installed. Who would suspect sweet Teddy?

In A Planter

People hide keys in outside planters are the time. In fact, criminals look in planters first when trying to break in. However nobody takes a second look at a house plant. Place a nanny cam in a planter pointed out a side hole. Then cover it with rocks, dirt, and a fake plant. Nobody will notice the house planter cam.

In A Picture Frame

Do you have a family picture on an end table or on the wall? How about putting that picture in a frame that has a nanny cam installed. Who looks closely at a picture frame of people they really don’t know? I know I don’t.

In A Clock Radio

Everybody has at least 1 clock radio. How about using a clock radio that has a nanny cam in it? Perfect for your child’s bedroom and your bedroom. You nanny will never suspect a thing.

Picture of a smoke alarmOn The Ceiling

When is the last time you really looked at a smoke alarm? How about placing a fake smoke alarm on the ceiling of your kitchen? This is where your nanny will be preparing your child’s food. What is more important than seeing what your nanny is feeding your kids?

In A USB Charger

Do you have a home office? Where do you usually charge your phone or USB powered devices? You can get a real USB phone charger that has a nanny cam installed in it. I bet nobody would guess it was a hidden spy cam.

In A Wall Plate

What about your wall plates like phone plates, electrical plates, or cable plates? Now you can install a nanny cam behind the wall plate with a hole for the nanny cam to view out from. Once again it is placed in a spot that nobody looks at twice.

Well there you have it. There are the top 10 places to hide your nanny cam. What are some of the places you have hidden a nanny camera? Please feel free to share with others in the comment section below.

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