The 3 Types Of Lift Chairs: Which Is Best For You?

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As many of us baby boomers start getting older, we notice that it is becoming more difficult to get out of chairs and couches.

Whether it is due to arthritis, stiff joints, or just muscle weakness, sometimes we need a little help getting up. Our bodies don’t work quite as good as they used too! As much as that is hard to admit.

That is why electric lift chairs are becoming so popular. However, which one is best for you?

Here is a rundown of the three types of lift chairs currently on the market today.

What Is An Electric Lift Chair?

An electric lift chair is a model of recliner that allows the person sitting in the chair to control all the positions the backrest and footrest are capable of electronically.

It also comes with the feature that powerfully lifts and tilts the chair forward.

This lifting feature slowly lifts the occupant of the chair up off the ground and positions them so they can exit the chair with ease.

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Three Types Of Lift Chairs

There are three basic types of lift chairs which are categorized by the reclining backrest feature and how far it will lay back and the manner in which it does so. Here are the three types.

The 3 Position Lift Chair

This is by far the most common type of lift chair. It will recline back to almost a flat position. This makes it great for taking an afternoon nap in. The main disadvantage of this chair is that the footrest is tied to reclining the chair. Thus both are not independent of one another.

I would bet that you have sat in a three position recliner before.

The Infinite Position Lift Chair

Image of a man fully reclined in an electric lift chairThis is the ultimate in lift chair comfort. Instead of the footrest being tied to the reclining backrest, both parts of the lift chair can be positioned independently. So it is possible to adjust the footrest without reclining the backrest. It is also possible to recline the backrest and not have the footrest fully extended.

The infinite position lift chair will also lay flatter than a three position lift chair giving even more comfort to someone who may have to spend extended amounts of time in their chair.

The 2 Position Lift Chair

Some people choose this option due to cost. They are a little less expensive than a three position lift chair. However, that price reduction comes with a loss of being able to recline the chair to a flat position fully. A 2 position lift chair will only recline to a 45-degree angle.

This is great if the chair is only going to be used for watching TV or reading a book, but it will not be nearly as comfortable if a person wants to take a nap in the chair.

What About Sitting In Other Positions?

Does this mean that electric lift chairs only have a couple of positions that you can use them in?

No. What it means is that they can only be extended to those limitations. Because they are electronically controlled, you can position them at any angle you want within the restriction.

For instance: If you want to adjust your two position lift chair, so it is only slightly reclined at a 20-degree angle. It will do so. You can’t go past 45 degrees. The same with an infinite position lift chair. If you want to keep your head elevated a little bit and did not want to lay perfectly flat, then you can position your chair, so your head is lifted 10 degrees or so.

Because the chair is motorized and controlled by electronics, the chair will stop wherever you want it to stay.
That is one of the significant benefits of electric lift chairs.

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