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The Vantrue N2

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Fully Featured Dash Cam

Automatic motion detection and dual camera recording are just a few of the various qualities of Vantrue N2.

Ease Of Use
  • Motion Sensors
  • Hi Definition Recording
  • Dual Recording
  • LCD Shutoff
  • High Learning Curve
  • Recordings Differ From LCD Screen
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Automatic motion detection and dual camera recording are just a few of the various qualities of Vantrue N2.  You will love it from its very first use.   This product has a plethora of features that you cannot overlook.

We love this product, and that is why we think you will like it too.  The high definition recording of this dash cam gives you spectacular visuals, and you will capture graphic footage as a witness to your occurrence.

This Vantrue N2 assessment will shed light on many similar points of this kind.  After reading this review, you will know everything about this product, and you will be able to make an informed decision about this cam for your car.

Very few products succeed in standing out from the crowd.  However, Vantrue N2 succeeds in this regard.  Most of the functions of this product are automatic.

This product always has your security in mind.  It switches off the LCD screen as it starts recording to minimize distractions.  It has motion sensing parking mode as well, which records any activity taking place in front of your parked car.

Many dash cams fail to work in harsh temperatures.  Not this dash cam.  It operates in cold winters as well as boiling summers.  It turns off automatically if your vehicle gets too hot.

In comparison to the numerous features this product offers, this is an affordable product.  It has the Novatek NT96660 CPU and OV4689 as the front cam.  It uses Sony Exmor IMX323 as its rear cam to give you HD recordings.

It might take some time to get used to, which is the only drawback to this product.  After a little bit of practice, you will begin admiring this product as well.

Bottom Line

You will enjoy full security and high visual quality through this device.  It will provide you the best in class parking mode, which keeps your car safe in case of any attempted thievery.

The night vision of this dash cam performs exceptionally well.  Its front cam has F1.8 six-glass lens.  Similarly, its rear cam has F2.0 lens along with HDR and 4IR lights for the rear cam.  All these features give you clear night visuals.


  • Dual 1080p: This dash cam has two cameras that provide 1080p footage.  High definition recording ensures that you get pristine quality visuals.  Every detail will be captured with its dual HD cameras.
  • Parking mode: The parking mode of this dash cam has motion sensing.  The dash cam automatically starts recording when any motion takes place in front of your car.  Being activated by movement saves both recording space and battery.
  • Interior recording option: The dual cameras record not only the front of the car but also the interior.  This feature is particularly helpful for cab drivers, Uber or Lyft drivers as they require cabin recordings for security.
  • Unique event recording: It also has G-sensor, which automatically detects the occurrence of any sudden jerk or collision.  It saves those videos in a particular folder, helping you to retrieve and identify it at a later date.
  • Extended warranty: Vantrue offers an 18-month warranty on this product.  This means you get one and a half years of warranty period which is a significant amount of time for a dash cam.
  • High-quality night vision: It implements infrared night vision with the help of its 4 IR LED lights.  HDR video system will balance the dark and light areas of the footage automatically, so you get excellent night vision footage.
  • Low-temperature resistance: You can use it in winters, as its working temperature is -4 to 158-degree Fahrenheit.  The camera will shut down automatically in case the temperature of your car rises too high.
  • Turn LCD off automatically: This dash cam has LCD for watching the recorded footage. However, the camera turns it off while recording so you do not experience a disturbance or distraction during driving.
  • Loop recording: To save space on your SD card, it will loop recordings.  Loop recording keeps deleting past videos and replaces them with new ones at regular intervals.  You can turn this feature off whenever you want.
  • Records date and time: If you ever need to use the recorded footage as proof, you will be required to provide the specific time and date of the recording as well.  This dash cam automatically marks the date and time for you.

Pros And Cons


  • High level of parking security: It has motion sensors, which begin recording as soon as they sense any motion in front of the car.  This will help you in getting proof of any harmful activity.
  • Excellent footage quality: Both of its cameras offer 1080p high definition recording.  You will have no problems with that quality of the footage.  In fact, you will be able to spot the minutest of details.
  • No distractions through LCD: It automatically turns off the LCDs, so you will not experience distractions from it.  You will be able to drive more safely.
  • Dual recording: N2 records the front and the interior of the vehicle at the same time through the implementation of dual cameras.  They will give you the visuals of both fields simultaneously.


  • Takes time to get used to: It will take time to get used to this device.  But it is well worth the time because of the results it produces.
  • Difference between actual recordings: The view of your footage on LCD may vary from the picture of footage on other platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it come with an SD card?

No, you will have to buy an SD card separately.

Will it record the cabin as well?

Yes, it has dual cameras.  It will record the cabin in 720p quality.

Vantrue Company Profile

Vantrue aims to provide quality and innovative products to their customers.  They create great dash cams and accessories.  Apart from that, they also offer cameras and speakers for regular use.

They provide high-quality earphones as well.  Their extensive experience, sound reputation, and high-quality products assure you that this is a product you can count on to produce the results you want.

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