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Why Are Vintage Record Players Popular?

Audiophiles Love Analog Music

Audiophiles (lovers of music) are passionate about authenticity. A digital recording is not as pure as an analog recording.

Digital music is a snapshot of a recording converted into bytes. It does not entirely replicate the audio sound waves.

It can be argued that today’s albums are produced using a digital master copy. Thus the argument about analog sound waves being closest to the original loses a little credibility.

However, most audiophiles will contend that their albums are better than a CD and an MP3.

Depending on the compression level the CD or MP3 is recorded at, they are probably right.

The Feeling Of Community

If you have never ventured into an old record store, you may not understand this. There is a feeling of community that happens when you gather together with people who love the same things you like. When you enter a record store, you are united with people who love music as you do.

You see, anyone can download a digital music file. Anyone can buy a CD at Walmart. However, a real music lover takes the time to go into a record store. They are the passionate ones.

Our Top 3 Vintage Record Player Recommendations

image of album artAlbum Art

CD’s, MP3’s, Cassettes, and 8 Tracks could not hold a candle to the art created with vinyl records. People love the album art.

For some reason, visual art and vinyl records have become inseparably attached. So as much as people love the sound of vinyl records, they love the visual experience of the album as well.

Young People Are Turning To Vinyl

Whether it is a rejection of all things tech or a desire for a more simpler life, the fact remains that even young people are buying vinyl records. The Stereophonics, Daft Punk and, Courtineers are some of the top-selling records. This suggests a young demographic is mainly purchasing vinyl records as well.

Whatever the case, it has become obvious that vinyl records and their counterpart players are here for a long time to come. 8 Tracks, Cassettes, and other forms of music delivery are down for the count, but vintage record players and the people who love them are still up and fighting for the hearts of music lovers worldwide.

If you are looking for a vintage record player, then you might want to check out our list of the top vintage record players. Alternatively, you can read our individual vintage record player reviews and other informative articles like our buying guide.

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