Weber Spirit E-310 vs Spirit E-210 Head To Head Comparison

Weber Spirit E-310 vs Spirit E-210

Anyone who has ever tasted a hamburger or a steak fresh off of the grill knows that no other cooking method can compare. There’s something about a little char on your meat to elevate it to the next level.

If you want to enjoy grilled food in your backyard without having to go to a restaurant, then it is time to invest in a grill. This piece of equipment makes it very easy for you to cook your food whenever you want, without heating up your kitchen and it will significantly improve the quality of the meals you make.

That is why we decided to compare the Weber Spirit E-310 vs Spirit E-210 in a head to head comparison

Compare Specs

Important Features
Weber Spirit E-310
Weber Spirit E-210
Grilling SpaceSquare Inches
Ignition System
Crossover Ignition
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Heating PowerIn BTU's
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Compare The Weber Spirit E-310 And The Spirit E-210

Specification Comparison and Reviews

Finding the right grill for your backyard use doesn’t have to be a hassle. By merely comparing the three main features and implementing a ranking system from 1-100, you can easily choose the right grill for your needs.

This makes shopping for a grill so much more comfortable and you’ll know it when you find the right one.

Grill Material

A quality grill will be able to last for years without breaking down or needing many repairs. The materials that the grill is made of will play a huge role in how long your grill lasts. While you can take steps to keep your grill safe from the elements, such as protecting it with a grill cover, if your grill is made out of low-quality materials, it just won’t last as long as a grill that is made from high-quality materials. You may have to pay more, but your grill will last longer.

Weber Spirit E-310

While not the super durable stainless steel of the past, the 400 series stainless steel is still durable enough to stand up to consistent use. There is also cast aluminum in this grill as well. The porcelain enameled steel is very durable.

Weber Spirit E-210

This grill is made of the same sturdy materials as the Weber Spirit E-310 is, which means it does a great job standing up to regular use but isn’t as durable as grills in the past tended to be. The cooking grates are porcelain-coated cast iron and can stand up to years of use.


Weber Spirit E-310 75Points
Weber Spirit E-210 75Points

Point Totals

Weber Spirit E-310 – 75

Weber Spirit E-210 – 75

The two Weber grills tie for materials used in their construction. They are both built to last, and while not made from the highest-quality stainless steel available, they will still last longer than other gas grills, which are made from cast aluminum. When you are picking between the Spirit E-310 and Spirit E-210, know that choosing a Weber grill has always been a good choice and that has not changed.

Cooking Space

Without enough cooking space, you won’t be able to prepare enough food for your friends, family, and guests. If you love to entertain, then you will want to buy a grill that has an ample enough cooking space so you can quickly cook for a large number of people.

You’ll also want to take into consideration whether there is a warming tray, as this is a great way to keep food in the heat, but off of the fire, so that it will still be the right temperature when you go to serve your guests.

Weber Spirit E-310

With three burners and 424 square inches of cooking space, you’ll have plenty of room to grill. There is also a warming rack that is 105 square inches to help you keep your cooked food warm. You’ll love that there is so much space and you won’t have to worry about crowding your food.

Weber Spirit E-210

With only two burners, this smaller grill offers 360 square inches of cooking space and a heating rack that is 90 square inches. This makes it a little more challenging to cook for larger groups of people as you have to be more careful with the space you have.


Weber Spirit E-310 70Points
Weber Spirit E-210 50Points

Point Totals

Weber Spirit E-310 – 70

Weber Spirit E-210 – 50

The Weber Spirit E-310 wins here because you have ample room for cooking and for warming your food.

This lets you cook in batches, toast buns, and keep meat warm so that everything is ready to serve all at once. You won’t run out of room with this grill.

Burner Quality

The quality of your burners will play a huge role in the overall success that you have when using your grill, as well as how quickly you can control the temperature and heat distribution.

It’s important that not only are the burners made out of a material that will last but also that they can easily carry the gas so that you get an even heat. Any problems with your burners will put your grill out of commission, which is why you’ll want to make sure that the grill you buy has quality burners.

Weber Spirit E-310

This grill offers three powerful burners that are stainless steel and tubular. There is even gas flow through the burners, and you are generally able to get a fairly even flow of gas. This makes it pretty easy to control the heat of your grill.

Weber Spirit E-210

Made with the same tubular stainless steel burners as the Spirit E-310, this grill is different because it only has two burners. This means that your grill may have difficulty coming to a nice, hot temperature for a fast sear. Let it preheat for longer to avoid this problem.

Weber Spirit E-310 85Points
Weber Spirit E-210 70Points

Point Totals

Weber Spirit E-310 – 85

Weber Spirit E-210 – 70

This is a close one, but the Spirit E-310 comes out ahead of the Spirit E-210 due to its extra burner. You won’t regret buying this grill and will love cooking on it.

Final Score

Weber Spirit E-310 – 205

Weber Spirit E-210 – 175

It’s very close between these two grills, but for ease of use and larger cooking space, you will love the Weber Spirit E-310. This grill has enough room to cook for the whole neighborhood. You will be able to light your grill quickly and without a lot of problems.

This gas grill will enable you to start grilling whenever the mood strikes you, and since you have so much storage and prep space, you will be able to stay outside while cooking without having to run back into the kitchen for something that you forgot.

Weber Spirit E-310

  • Even Heat
  • Flavorizer Bars
  • Large Cooking Space
  • Energy Efficient

  • Warming Rack Fitting Issues
  • Paint Durability

Weber Spirit E-210

  • Easy To Assemble
  • Cooks Evenly
  • Price
  • Compact Storage

  • Not Big Enough For Bulk Grilling
  • Side Shelf Quality

Our Choice

When comparing the Weber Spirit E-310 and the Spirit E-210, we feel the choice depends upon your budget. You can’t go wrong with Spirit E-310 but it is more expensive, and the Spirit E-210 is an excellent grill as well. If money is no obstacle, then we choose the Weber Spirit E-210.

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