What Is A Laser Printer Used For?

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What can you do with a laser printer? The top reason to use a laser printer is to print professional-looking documents. However, besides printing high-quality images, many laser printers are equipped with additional useful features.

You can purchase a multifunction laser printer for copying documents or sending and receiving faxes. There are also printers that support different types of paper for printing brochures, photographs, and other types of media.

Laser Printers Produce Professional High-Resolution Documents

The main use of a laser printer is to print documents. Whether you are printing company memos, a contract, or flyers for an upcoming event, the documents printed by a laser printer look more professional compared to using an inkjet printer.

Inkjet printers may produce documents with a print resolution of up to 600 dots per inch (DPI). However, laser printers often start at 1200 DPI. With the technology used in laser printers, these devices can produce higher-resolution images. Text and images appear crisp and clear with ink that is dry by the time it passes through the printer.

Our Overall Top 3 Laser Printer Picks

Using a standard inkjet printer, the ink may smear or bleed through to other pages if it is not dry. The ink also bleeds when wet. With a laser printer, thermal heat and pressure are applied to fuse the ink to the paper, resulting in documents that are ready for sorting.

While laser printers are often used in offices, there are affordable options intended for home use. For entrepreneurs and small business owners, these printers provide a way to print professional-looking documents without spending thousands on a high-end printer.

Laser Printers Can Copy Documents and Send or Receive Faxes

In a typical office, laser printers are used for more than just printing documents. A multifunction printer may also include a flatbed scanner, allowing you to scan and copy documents. The inclusion of a scanner also provides the ability to send or receive faxes.

These all-in-one printers also include network connectivity. The printer may be used by multiple users to print documents, receive faxes, and complete other print jobs.

A laser printer buyer’s guide will help you find printers that offer these features. You can also compare multiple options to select the printer that best suits your printing needs. Some of the main features to pay attention to include print speed, the cost of toner cartridges, the number of pages per cartridge, and any specific functionality that you require, such as fax capabilities.

Laser Printers Can Be Used to Print Different Types of Media

The process used by laser printers to fuse the ink onto the paper also makes laser printers suitable for printing on a wide variety of materials. All laser printers are designed to accept standard 8.5×11-inch computer paper. However, some laser printers also accept larger format paper such as legal-size documents or larger material for graphic design applications.

You may also use a laser printer to print labels and business cards. The lightweight card stock used to print these items comes in various sizes. Besides labels and business cards, you may use your laser printer to print greeting cards, pamphlet covers, and promotional material that requires thicker media.

Some laser printers also allow you to print transparencies. Transparencies are often used with an overhead projector for presentations or for dividers inside a stack of documents.


While laser printers provide a lot of different uses, the primary use of a laser printer is to create high-resolution images. Laser printers often print at a higher resolution than inkjet printers, resulting in text and images that are much crisper and easier to view. There is also less risk of the colors bleeding together.

With an all-in-one printer, you can perform a variety of functions. Besides printing, laser printers are often used to copy documents and send or receive faxes. These multifunction printers are equipped with a flatbed scanner and connect to your local network.

Laser printers are also capable of printing on a variety of types of media including standard computer paper along with glossy paper, card stock, and specialty papers. In the end, laser printers are used for a variety of applications other than printing, making them an essential piece of equipment in most offices.







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