What Is a Two-Stage Snow Blower?

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Two Stage Snow Blowers

How is a two-stage snow blower different from other snow blowers? The stages refer to the number of steps involved in clearing snow from a path. With a two-stage blower, the snow is picked up by an auger and then discharged through a chute by a fan. They are also suitable for use on gravel driveways and available with a variety of features.

Two-Stage Snow Blowers Include a Fan to Discharge Snow

A snow blower consists of a motor with two large wheels and handles.

The front of the machine has a large assembly with a rotating blade called an auger.

The auger faces the front of the machine while the top of the assembly has a chute for discharging the snow.

Two-stage snow blowers help remove snow from a path using two stages.

Whether you purchase a single-stage or two-stage snow blower, the auger scoops snow from the ground as the blower is moved forward.

With a single-stage blower, the auger scoops the snow and then directs it toward the chute. With a two-stage snow blower, the auger still scoops the snow. However, it passes it to the center of the snow blower where a fan discharges it through the chute.

The single-stage blowers are typically recommended for light-duty applications such as a sidewalk or a small driveway. However, they do not generally have the power to clear paths after heavy snowfall.

If you get more than eight inches of snow, you will likely need a two-stage blower. The two separate stages allow the snow blower to blow the snow further away from the path that you are clearing.

The two-stage snow blowers are more powerful and often available with a broader clearing path. The width of the track varies between 20 and 45 inches, resulting in fewer passes to clear snow from a large surface. These machines also blow the snow eight feet or further from the path that you are clearing, which is useful when clearing a driveway or a wide surface.

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Two-Stage Snow Blowers Are Suitable on Most Surfaces

Two-stage snow blowers offer more versatility than a single-stage blower. With the two-stage models, the auger does not contact the ground, allowing you to use it on a variety of surfaces. Besides clearing a paved surface, you can safely clear paths on gravel or dirt areas.

The auger in single-stage blowers touches the surface, helping to remove all snow from the path. However, this is only suitable on paved drives and cement sidewalks. On a gravel or dirt surface, the auger will scoop some of the gravel or dirt as you clear the snow.

Two-Stage Snow Blowers Often Include Self-Propelled Wheels

Self-propulsion is another feature of a two-stage snow blower that is hard to find on single-stage snow blowers. While not all two-stage blowers include this feature, it does help make it easier to push the blower.

The self-propulsion comes from a motor that powers the wheels. A bar or lever is typically attached to the handles, allowing you to start or stop the engine instantly. The primary benefit of this feature is to receive help when pushing the snow blower up a slope or clearing a vast area.

Besides self-propelled wheels, two-stage blowers are often equipped with additional features not included in single-stage machines. You may find two-stage models with headlights, more extensive clearing paths, and one-handed operation. Use a snow blower buyer’s guide to explore these features and select the best two-stage snow blower.


Two-stage snow blowers are gas-powered snow blowers that include two stages for removing snow from driveways and sidewalks. First, the auger scoops up the snow and passes it to a fan or impeller. The fan then sends the snow through the chute, completing the second stage. Unlike single-stage snow blowers, the auger does not contact the ground, allowing you to use two-stage blowers on gravel and dirt paths.

Two-stage blowers also often include features that are not available on the single-stage models. You can purchase a two-stage snow blower with power-assisted drive, helping to propel the wheels and reduce the strain of clearing your driveways. You can also find two-stage snow blowers with free hand control that lets you operate the blower with one hand along with headlights, heated hand grips, and adjustable chutes.







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