WheelWitness HD Pro Review And Best Price Comparison

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The WheelWitness HD Pro

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The installation of the WheelWitness HD Pro is much easier when you compare it with the rest of the dash cams present in the market.  It also gives you better footage through its HD camera with Sony Exmor Sensor.

Ease Of Use
  • High Quality Recording
  • GPS
  • Wi-Fi Compatible
  • Works With Android And iOS
  • Only 1 Year Warranty
  • Sells Out Quickly
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WheelWitness already rules the market with their WheelWitness HD Pro premium dash cam.  It has more than 250 customer reviews on the major retail websites with four and a half stars for a rating.

The installation of this device is much easier when you compare it with the rest of the dash cams present in the market.  It also gives you better footage through its HD camera with Sony Exmor Sensor.

This WheelWitness HD Pro assessment will throw light on the features, advantages, disadvantages as well as some general queries about this product.  You will learn everything you need to know about it in this informative review.

WheelWitness has put much effort into this product which is visible when you use it. The build is sturdy, the design is beautiful, the package is gorgeous and it has an abundance of features.  We think it is a competitive product that is worth the price.

The most significant feature of this dashcam is its connectivity with Android and iOS devices.  It makes it easy to operate and readily accessible when needed.

However, it has a smaller storage capacity which makes it difficult when recording lengthy high-quality footage.  We have also found the availability of this product can be an issue.

It is easy to use and if you hate the complicated stuff, then go for the WheelWitness HD Pro; it will not let you down.  The GPS is an excellent feature, which we loved to use.

Even though it has its flaws, we do not believe the WheelWitness HD Pro is a bad product because the product has many more advantages than disadvantages.

Bottom Line

The WheelWitness HD Pro is one of the best dashcams we have tested.  With all the necessary features packed into a tiny camera, there is no substantial reason to ignore this product.

WheelWitness have many features like GPS, high-resolution video output, Wi-Fi connectivity and on-the-fly-zoom, which makes it stand out from the crowd.

Overall, WheelWitness HD Pro is a must-have dashcam if you like simplicity and power.  It does not disappoint in any way.


  • High res video output: You get a high definition 2K video output in the WheelWitness HD Pro. The video output is one of the best available on the market.  Considering the price, WheelWitness HD Pro delivers best in class video output.
  • Sony Exmor Sensor: The WheelWitness HD Pro has Sony Exmor IMX322 CMOS.  This ensures that you get the best in class video quality.  The lens is highly durable as well.
  • Dual USB Charger: Included with the WheelWitness HD Pro, is a dual USB charger, so you can use the dashboard camera while charging your phone.  The charger can charge your phone at a speed of 2.1 AMP.
  • Sturdy Design: WheelWitness’ sturdy build makes sure that the dashcam will not break during an ordinary collision.  The WheelWitness HD Pro sports a modern design making it pleasing to look at.
  • 12-foot long cable: You will receive a very long 12-foot cable in the package.  This means you can efficiently use it even if you drive a bus or truck.
  • Night Vision available: The WheelWitness HD Pro has night vision as well, so you can record high-quality video footage even in the darkness of the night.  The quality of the night vision is so good you can easily see the number plates of cars.
  • On the fly zoom: It is the only dashcam in the market with this function.  You can zoom in while recording and there will be no decrease in recorded quality.  We loved to use this feature, and it comes in handy more often than one would think.
  • Android and iOS compatible: You can easily control the WheelWitness HD Pro with your Android and iOS device.  You can instantaneously transfer files from your camera to the phone as well.
  • 140 degrees wide-angle lens: The WheelWitness HD Pro will cover the whole road in front of you with its 140 degrees camera.  It might not be the absolute best in class, but it is sufficient,
  • Easy to use interface: The interface is user-friendly providing you with smooth operation. With its Wi-Fi connectivity, it becomes a piece of cake to operate this dashcam.

Pros And Cons


  • High-quality recording: This dashboard camera records in high resolution, which means that the footage will be clear.  You will have no problems in identifying or inspecting the footage.
  • GPS: The WheelWitness HD Pro also has GPS in it.  GPS means that this dashcam tracks your location in real time, which will be shown in the footage as well.  The GPS signal is reliable and dependable.
  • Wi-Fi Compatible: Wi-Fi compatibility is a must-have feature with most of the dashcam manufacturers.  The WheelWitness HD Pro comes with Wi-Fi compatibility, and the reception of Wi-Fi is fantastic.
  • Works with Android and iOS: The icing on the cake is that the WheelWitness HD Pro is compatible with Android and iOS.  So your advanced phone will easily sync with the dashcam, and you will also be able to control it.


  • Only 1-year warranty: WheelWitness provides only a 12 months warranty with the WheelWitness HD Pro.  We think the company should have contributed at least 24 months (2 years) of warranty.
  • Availability issues: We have seen that WheelWitness HD Pro is not always available for online purchase, and it sells out of stock at a rapid pace.  This might be because it is such a favorite product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it have the dual camera configuration?

No, the WheelWitness HD Pro does not have a dual camera configuration.  However,  you can easily twist it around for recording the rear of the vehicle when needed.

What is the maximum capacity storage card it can accept?

You can insert up to 64GB microSD card in this device.  We prefer to use a Class 10 microSD card, as it is a fast and easy process.

Which software can view the footage of this device?

The footage is recorded in a universal format, which will smoothly run in any software like VLC (Windows Media Player), etc.  To view the files along with the footage, go to the following link: http://www.wheelwitness.com/viewer

WheelWitness Company Profile

WheelWitness is a favorite brand on all the major retail websites. They have also put out an informative video giving instructions on how easy it is to install their dash cam. Take a look below or check out their website at http://www.wheelwitness.com/

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