Which Laser Printer Has the Least Expensive Toner?

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Which laser printer uses the least expensive toner? This is a question that many offices would like to know, as toner can quickly become a significant expense. If you are not familiar with laser printers, the toner is a form of powdered ink that is applied to paper as it passes through the laser printer.

The cost of this toner can vary, depending on the type of printer that you purchase and how the toner is replaced. For example, it is less expensive to buy black toner for a B&W laser printer than to buy color toner. You can also adjust print settings to reduce toner use or refill toner cartridges instead of purchasing new ones.

Black and White Printers Use Cheaper Toner

When you purchase a laser printer, one of the primary considerations is the whether you want to print in black and white or color. Toner cartridges that provide more than one color are more expensive than black toner cartridges.

The average cost of printing a color document is between 8.3 and 8.9 cents per page. The average price of printing a black and white document is between 3.9 and 5.5 cents per page. Even if you go through the toner quickly, you will still save money with black toner.

Our Overall Top 3 Laser Printer Picks

Refill Your Ink Toner Cartridges with Dry Powder

Toner cartridges use dry ink powder that is attached to a drum inside the printer using static electricity and laser beams. Instead of purchasing new ink toner, you may save money by refilling the cartridges. While the cartridges are not designed to allow refills, you can buy refill kits that include everything needed to add more toner powder to a cartridge.

Refilling ink toner helps save money on toner. Unfortunately, printer manufacturers do not want customers to use refills. They prefer customers to purchase expensive toner replacement cartridges. However, most refill kits come with instructions that explain the steps needed to refill the toner.

Keep in mind that refilling your ink toner can get messy if you are not careful. It also requires a few detailed steps. You need to drill into the cartridge, add the powdered toner, reseal the hole, and shake the cartridge to distribute the powder evenly.

Purchase Laser Printers from Top Manufacturers

Besides purchasing B&W printers or refilling your cartridges, several printer brands typically offer the least expensive toner cartridges. Some of the brand names that you should look for include HP, Brother, Canon, and Dell. Each of these companies produces laser printers with affordable toner.

The Brother HL-L2370DW is an affordable printer that you can typically find for less than $150. The cartridges cost as little as $10 per replacement.

The HP LaserJet Pro P1102W is another excellent option. Not only does it use cheap ink toner, but it also uses less energy than other printers, helping to reduce your overall printing costs. These options are suitable for use in a home or office.

To compare the top printers for each brand, you should examine a laser printer buyer’s guide. The guide should provide more information on the quality of the print job, print resolution, printer speed, and other useful details to help you select the right printer.

Conclusion – How to Find the Cheapest Toner

Purchasing ink toner is one of the most significant printing expenses. Affordable laser printers can cost several hundred dollars, while you may spend hundreds more on toner throughout the year. If you want to avoid these high costs, there are ways to save money on toner.

You should first consider getting a B&W laser printer, as it is less expensive to purchase black toner than color toner cartridges. You can also change printer settings to reduce the amount of ink that you use. You can lower the print resolution, use smaller fonts, and avoid changing the toner until it is entirely used up.

Another way to reduce the cost of ink toner is to refill the cartridges. You can purchase a refill kit or find a company that offers affordable refills.

While these solutions may reduce the cost of ink toner, the best way to save money is to find a printer that uses less expensive toner cartridges. Typically, trusted brands such as HP, Brother, Canon, and Dell manufacture printers with the most inexpensive toner.








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