Yamaha TRBX304 Review And Best Price Comparison

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The Yamaha TRBX304

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A Remarkable Bass Guitar

It doesn’t matter whether you are planning to learn basic skills or wish to play it in front of thousands of screaming fans. Yamaha TRBX304 will hand you the freedom to innovate, create, and push the boundaries of your music and your skill level.

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Yamaha TRBX304 review imageA bass guitar is not a thing! It is an enthusiasm that vibrates through strings and allows you to highlight your sincere emotions.

However, buying a great bass guitar is not an easy task, especially if it is your first time. There are lots of options available, and choosing one can be baffling. That is why we have done the hours of research and published our Yamaha TRBX304 assessment.

If you want to make an informed decision, the best thing you can do is choose the bass guitar that best meets your needs and is developed for all skill levels. For a beginner, we recommend Yamaha TRBX304 MGR 4-String Electric Bass Guitar.

It doesn’t matter whether you are planning to learn the necessary skills or wish to play it in front of thousands of screaming fans. Yamaha TRBX304 will hand you the freedom to innovate, create, and push the boundaries of your music and your skill level.

You will feel like a superstar!

This is a noted guitar among the professionals for having desirable tone, which sustains quite well when used with other musical instruments. Professional musicians use it not only as a lead instrument but also as part of the rhythm section. According to them, it is so perfectly balanced and ultra-comfortable that you feel like the music is speaking and communicating on the next level.

Is this believable?

Well, yes it is. The features of the Yamaha TRBX304 Bass Guitar are quite exceptional. When we compare them with other electric bass guitars, we find that the smartest minds at Yamaha worked on them.

They aimed to create a masterpiece, which is not only attention-grabbing but also provides power and strength to perform on big stages.


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Yamaha TRBX304 MGR 4-String Electric Bass Guitar

Last update was on: April 18, 2021 11:12 pm
  • Mahogany Body… First, let’s start with the body. This guitar features a solid mahogany body.  It is from the hard, reddish-brown timber of a tropical tree.  We often notice this kind of body in lavish furniture, as it represents both strength and style. Therefore, in a way, you can rest assured the body of this guitar, is of solid construction.  Unlike a few low-quality bass guitars that do not have solid body construction, this guitar remains sturdy and comfortable with optimized weight distribution.  Furthermore, its mass-optimized 3D design is a million-dollar feature that facilitates in creating a balance between tone-quality and comfort.
  • Neck Design… The value of great guitar relies heavily on its neck design too. Since, it has three important factors; the wood, the neck joint, and the profile (the width and thickness). This guitar has a maple mahogany neck, which is considered the most ideal for any electric bass guitar.  It means it is medium hard and has a medium weight as well.  Next, the mahogany touch in its neck makes it slightly more flexible than other models.  For that reason, people who have used the Yamaha TRBX304 Electric Guitar state that its neck design combines a fast and comfortable profile, which supports stability and tone.
  • Pickups… Pickups in guitar play a significant role in capturing or sensing mechanical vibrations and converting them into electrical signals. Though Yamaha Company didn’t highlight this feature in their description, we believe it truly deserves massive attention, as it plays a huge part in dictating a guitar’s tone, and it can be a hot-selling feature too. This guitar’s pickups feature pole pieces and ceramic magnets.  Both of them ensure that the performance remains clean and noise-free.  They provide depth and definition in the tone too.  That’s why professionals focus on them before buying a guitar.
  • Sound Quality… The overall sound quality is clear and compelling. Its 2-band master equalization shapes and defines your tone.  If you are a professional musician and working on some specific tone, all you need is to make some EQ adjustments to find your sweet spot.  It is indeed effortless to set its highs & lows by two handy potentiometers. Also, the 5-way switch also facilitates in customizing the guitar to the style of play you are using.  For example, if you want to practice your slap play, work on its 5-way switch.  It will create impressive sound immediately with an immense level of detail.
  • Bridge & Headstock… The high-mass, die-cast bridge supports the strings of Yamaha TRBX304 quite well. It also provides excellent adjustability and road-tested durability.  If you don’t know about bridges, they are found on the lower bout of the body.  Their principal aim is to transfer string vibrations to the body for full, rich tone.  For that reason, manufacturers develop and adjust them carefully.  Luckily, the 19mm string spacing in the bridge of TRBX304 makes it perfect for all kinds of playability – technical slap to fingerstyle… Its headstock also eliminates lateral tension and reduces overtones as well.

Bottom Line

Overall, this electric bass guitar is a fantastic bargain.

It is capable of live play and recording. Perhaps, that’s why it is quite popular among professionals as they understand its value and excellent features better than others.

From wood to finish, shape to electronics, we have compared each feature of Yamaha TRBX304 with other models. Moreover, it exceeded our expectations in all aspects.

Is there any con?

If you are pondering this question, the answer is “No.”

We find it hard to believe how Yamaha is offering this excellent guitar, which is developed for professional musicians, yet features such an economical price. However, this is the reality. There are indeed many popular options with outstanding features. However, most of them are either expensive, or they are the lesser-known models from new companies that do not have a reputable reputation.

On the other hand, Yamaha is a famous brand and already dominates the guitar industry on a massive scale. For over 40 years, millions of musicians have used Yamaha guitars to make their fans fall in love with them.

All in all, if you aren’t buying a Yamaha TRBX304 MGR 4-String Electric Bass Guitar, you are missing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It is excellently built with high precision.

People who choose Yamaha TRBX304 often use it for practicing, jamming, recording, rock concerts, school bands, and small venues. According to them, it is designed brilliantly and for players at all experience levels. Especially new players who will feel the enthusiasm once they hold it in their hands. Its features inspire them and keep them motivated while they learn to play.

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