Z Edge Z3 Review And Best Price Comparison

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The Z Edge Z3

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8.5 Total Score
The Low Profile Dash Cam

If you are looking for a dash cam that provides you high-resolution footage and takes no space on the dashboard of your car, then Z Edge Z3 Plus Dashcam, Super HD is the best bet for you.

Ease Of Use
  • Night Vision
  • High Quality Camera
  • G-Sensor/Accelerometer
  • Parking Mode Feature
  • No Speakers
  • No Wi-Fi
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If you are looking for a dash cam that provides you high-resolution footage and takes no space on the dashboard of your car, then Z Edge Z3 Plus Dashcam, Super HD is the best bet for you.  It successfully implements current technology with the innovation of Z-EDGE.

This device boasts of having hundreds of customer reviews with an overall rating of 4.5 stars out of five on the major retailer websites.  Such stats denote that the product is popular and a product of exceptional quality.

This review of the Z EDGE Z3 dash cam will enlighten you on the features, pros, and cons of the product.  We will tell you our opinion on this product as well.

The market has many dash cams, but Z Edge Z3 outshines with its various qualities and features. Wirecutter voted it the best dash camera for the year 2016 making it a real value for any household.

It provides you 2.7K ultra image quality through its Wide Quad High Definition (WQHD) camera. The resolution of this camera is 2560x1440p to help you see every license plate present on the road.  The wide angle of the camera will help you capture everything around you.

CMOS image sensor and A12 Ambarella chipset allow you to see the visuals with a minimal amount of noise and difficulty.  We liked the presence of Ambarella in this device very much.

We also liked its energy saving LCD screen and the 32-Gigabyte memory card that comes along with it.  Few products succeed in providing such great enhancements.

The only negative point about this product is the absence of Wi-Fi connectivity and GPS.  We missed both of these on this device.

Bottom Line

With hundreds of happy customer reviews, one thing is sure, this product is popular.  The reason for its popularity is an outstanding number of features and advantages.

Its main highlights are motion detection, ultra 2.7K footage quality, and high-quality night vision.  There are many other features too that is why we recommend this product.


Here are some of the most exciting and impressive features of this product. You will love this device because of the following:

  • Crispy resolution: The resolution of the recorded footage of this dash cam is 2560x1440p, which is popular in the market as Wide Quad High Definition or WQHD.  It will record 30 frames per second.
  • 3” Screen: If you want to watch the footage directly on the device, then you can make use of its LCD screen, which is three inches.  The LCD screen saves energy through the implementation of an off-screen
  • Wide angle camera: Along with providing you high-resolution footage the camera has a 155-degree wide angle lens.  Through this wide-angle camera, you can view the whole road on a single screen.  You will capture the minutest of details.
  • Free SD card: The Company will provide you a 32 GB Kingston SD memory card.  This device supports expandable memory up to 128 GB, so you can save footage on the device without ever worrying about memory or space.
  • Night Vision: Z3 will give you High Dynamic Range night vision, which captures a clear view during low light occurrences.  Through its night vision, you see everything as if you are in the best of light conditions.  Its six glass lenses will reduce any glare.
  • Parking Monitor: You will get 24/7 monitoring of your vehicle through its parking monitor.  It remains turned off as long as no jerks, vibrations or crashes occur. Therefore, it saves your car’s battery as well as provides full security.
  • Ambarella Chip: The Ambarella’s A12 processor helps you in capturing high-quality videos with ease.  It is responsible for providing you HDR 2560x1440p footage with 30 frames per second.  Your footage will have negligible distortion.
  • Beautiful Design: Z-EDGE Z3 has a beautiful design.  You can mount it on your windshield or choose to install it on the dashboard of your car.  In any case, it will enhance your vehicle in both technological and beautiful aspects.
  • In-built G-sensor and accelerometer: The G-sensor will sense any sudden movement, vibration or jerk happening with your car.  This enables the dash cam to record accidents and vehicle collisions separately.  The accelerometer plays a significant role in this regard.
  • Motion Detection: Its parking mode works alongside its motion detection.  The parking mode triggers recording as soon as its motion sensors detect anything, helping you in saving energy and making the car secure.

Pros And Cons


  • Night vision: Through its HDR, you will get the best night vision in the current market.  It balances exposure and reacts well to extreme light conditions.
  • High-quality camera: You will get WQHD footage with 30 frames per second through its 155-degree wide viewing camera.  Its Ambarella A12 chipset plays a significant role in giving you high-quality
  • G-sensor/ accelerometer: The combination of G sensor and accelerometer ensures separate recording of accidents and vehicle crashes.  Z3 will record the incidents in high resolution as well.
  • Exceptional parking mode: It has motion sensors, which begin to record as soon as any sudden movements occur.  This could be a crash or a bump.  Moreover, the camera remains turned off for ordinary driving.


  • No speakers: It has no speakers, which might be an issue for some customers.
  • The absence of Wi-Fi: You will not enjoy Wi-Fi connectivity with this device, as it does not have this feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you mount the device on the dashboard?

Yes, you can mount it on either the dashboard or windshield.

Does it record when the car is off?

It does not record continuously, but it records if sudden movements occur thanks to its parking mode.

Z Edge Technologies Company Profile

Zero Edge Technology, LLC is an American company that designs, develops and sells automotive and home consumer electronic products for everyday use.

They are committed to serving their customers with the latest technology and innovation, striving to match exceptional product quality with best in class customer service.

You can learn more about Z Edge Technologies at their corporate website located at http://zeroedgetechnology.com/

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