Zinat Bluetooth Earbud Review And Best Price Comparison

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The Zinat Bluetooth Earbud

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8.5 Total Score
Small Ad Poerful

This small yet powerful set of earbuds will meet any basic need you might have.

Sound Quality
  • True Stereo Sound
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Able To Share With Others
  • Easy To Connect Wirelessly
  • Larger Sized
  • Sound Quality
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Nothing can be more annoying than trying to work out or exercise with a set of bulky headphones. The wires and sweat don’t mix. However, all of that has changed with the Zinat Bluetooth Earbud.

In this Zinat Bluetooth Earbud analysis, I believe you will see the advantages of going with a super small earbud that is truly wireless. No more wires to get in the way! Moreover, you can do so for the price of a decent meal at a nice restaurant.

How cool is that?

The earbud takes an hour and a half to charge, and then lasts up to 4 hours of music, podcasts or phone calls.

This earphone can connect with two different devices (i.e., mobile phone + tablet) and has a built-in microphone to let you take incoming calls hand-free. The Zinat earbud has a connectivity range of up to 10 meters on open air and will pair up with all modern devices that use Bluetooth version 4.1.

You can buy the Zinat earbud in either black or white color.

Bottom Line

The Zinat earbud is undoubtedly different from similar products and connects quickly to paired devices. However, there might be some downsides to keep in mind which include the fact that the quality of the audio is not the best, or that the earbud is too big and falls from the ear regularly.

In addition to that, some customers have complained about the microphone not reading voices very well and complicating phone calls instead of simplifying them.

However, the price is very competitive, so they are worth a try.


  • Mini earbud weighs 0.14 ounces
  • Bluetooth V4.1 Wireless Technology
  • Ergonomic design with a secure fit
  • Connects with two different devices simultaneously
  • Connects automatically with devices that have already been paired
  • Built-in Mic
  • Connectivity range: 30 feet
  • Lasts 4 hours of music or phone calls
  • Takes 1.5 hours to recharge fully

Pros And Cons


  • It can pair up automatically to devices that you have already connected with, making the whole process faster.
  • The connectivity range is, by far, one of the furthest among competitors.


  • The size of the earbud is on the larger side, making it harder for it to stay in place or feel comfortable.

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